Frequently Asked Questions About Home Renovation Support

On October 14, the announcement was announced that the government would launch a Home Renovation Program from January 1, 2021. As part of this, half of the renovation costs of families raising at least one child will be borne by the state, up to a maximum of HUF 3 million.

To help, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers about support.

What is the amount of support?

The amount of the support is 50% of the renovation costs certified by the invoice, but not more than HUF 3,000,000.

Will the State transfer the amount of aid in advance?

The grant can be applied for within 60 days of the completion of the construction activities on the apartment and the payment of the bills, but no later than 31 December 2022. In the case of several invoices, the calculation of the application deadline shall be based on the last payment date.

Applications for support shall be assessed by the Treasury within 30 days of the date of receipt, in the order of receipt.

Eligible construction activities

Support is available for the following construction activities:

a) the introduction of water, sewerage, electricity, gas utilities or the construction or replacement of its internal network,
b) construction of a bathroom or toilet in an apartment that does not have such a room,
(c) the design, modernization or replacement of heating system components, including the use of renewable energy sources,
d) insulation of the building, including plinth insulation, heat, sound and waterproofing works,
(e) replacement of external doors and windows, installation or replacement of shutters, blinds, shutters, insect screens, safety grilles, replacement or renovation of cornices, thresholds,
f) roof replacement, renovation, insulation,
g) construction and modernization of flue gas,
h) installation and replacement of air conditioning,
i) installation and replacement of solar collectors and solar systems,
(j) renovation of interiors, including
ja) the replacement, renovation, painting, wallpapering of the interior wall, floor, ceiling or ceiling covering of the premises of the apartment, jb) the construction of the gallery,
jc) the design and replacement of the internal staircase,
jd) installation or replacement of sanitary ware,
(je) the design and replacement of light switches and sockets,
jf) installation, replacement or refurbishment of interior doors, windowsills, thresholds,
k) renovation of a building with the same real estate registration topographical number as the apartment, non-residential premises (in particular: summer kitchen, laundry room, storage),
l) construction of a fence,
m) construction of a car storage or construction of an open carport,
n) construction of terrace, loggia, balcony, canopy,
o) preparation and replacement of space coverings,
p) creation of a winter garden,

Can I also claim as a single parent?


Do I have to be a spouse to claim?

The support can be applied for by a claimant who is expecting or raising at least one child – spouses or partners with the same place of residence jointly, as a joint claimant.

Are we planning to start a family now, are we eligible for support?

Support can be claimed after the 12th week of pregnancy.

If my child turns 18 in January, will we slip off this allowance?

Allowance can be claimed until the child is 25 years old.

It can also be taken after adopted children. It even includes a person with altered working age who has reached the age of 25.

Do we live on a farm, are we eligible for support?

The subsidy can be applied for for all real estate located in the territory of Hungary, registered in the real estate register as the main purpose of the dwelling or residential house, as well as for the dwelling or buildings of a real estate registered as a homestead or property center.

Can the support be applied for more than one apartment?

If the parents do not live in the same place, the parent with the declared place of residence of the joint children is entitled to the benefit, or both parents are entitled to 50% of the amount of the benefit if they both live in the same place as at least one of their children.

Does my partner not have a declared job would this be a condition for applying?

You have at least 1 year of continuous social security, with a maximum break of 30 days (higher education also counts, jobseeker’s allowance can be taken into account in the last 3 months, and work in addition to retirement or employment abroad can also be taken into account).

Do you need your own property to use it?

The subsidized dwelling must have an ownership share of at least 50%, registered in the real estate register.

We have just moved into the new apartment, can we take the opportunity?

According to the rules, the applicant must have lived in the property for which he / she is applying for support for at least 1 year.

We are just insulating the house, do we have the support too?

The aid can only be claimed for business contracts concluded after the entry into force of the Regulation on 1 January.

The same applies to materials already purchased. So, if renovations are already underway, it may be worthwhile to sign a new contract with contractors for workflows after January 1st.

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