Dronical services

Within the framework of our drone services, we undertake the thermal camera survey of solar parks and buildings, and after the drone survey, 3D imaging and orthophoto. During the thermal imaging survey, it is possible to detect the early failure of solar cells and to measure the heat loss of buildings. Thermal bridges can be detected with it, unnecessary energy release can be detected.

We have a device suitable for surveying roof surfaces of up to 30,000 – 100,000 square meters, so we are able to map entire factory buildings and prefabricated house blocks.

When reviewing solar parks, up to 6 MegaWatt solar parks can be surveyed per day.

Why is drone thermography useful?

  • Detection of poor quality solar panels

A thermal imaging survey can reveal errors that are not visible to the naked eye.

  • Avoiding yield losses

The performance of solar strings can be degraded by up to 1 faulty solar panel. This means that the production of the other 20-22 panels lined up with it will not be satisfactory either. If there are several similar failures, the loss can be several hundred thousand forints even in the case of a 0.5MW park.

  • Save time

Thermography is a non-contact thermal imaging measurement method. Combined with modern drone technology, an extremely fast survey is possible. The flight takes approx. It takes 10 minutes for a 0.5MW park. Up to 30MWp can be tested per day!

  • Fire protection

Critical temperature components can be filtered out immediately during the inspection, eliminating the risk of fire immediately.

  • Guarantee

An inspection carried out before the end of the warranty period will allow warranty claims against the installation company to be settled in good time.

  • Review reports

When a string allocation is available, the identification of faulty solar cells becomes extremely easy. The detected errors are handed over to the customer together with the calculation of the yield loss, so the economics of the repair can be considered immediately.

The drone thermal imaging survey offered by NRG Services Kft. Helps in the fast and cost-effective examination of solar parks.

The AI (artificial intelligence) controlled automatic evaluation system detects all solar cell faults.

Based on the documentation we have prepared, the owners get an accurate picture of how the park works and can make important financial decisions to minimize subsequent errors and production downtime.

We can perform many diagnostical tasks with our DJI Matrice M200v2 drone and DJI Zenmuse XT2
thermal camera. Let it be about a solar park, or even about a bigger industrial installation. For
example, in case of solar parks it is a great opportunity to unfold the defects of solar cells easily and
cost-efficiently. In case of an ordinary 500kW park the flight time is only 10 minutes.

Many other thermal imaging examinations can be performed from the air.

It can be detected whether the emerging heat loss can be stopped by insulating the affected parts or
where can be the heat loss of the building minimalised.
In knowledge of the location, we ask for a case-by-case airspace use permission from the authority.

When we have this permission, we carry out the drone investigation by following the included rules.
There is no need for the client to be present during this investigation as the drone pilot does not
have to go into the area of the solar park.

We send the hundreds or in some cases even thousands of recordings done by this investigation. Our
client will be able to analyse them by using a unique, AI and machine learning controlled algorithm.

The result is an interactive, Google Maps styled map report, on which the exact location of every
problem is marked. These documentations provided by us, will give an accurate picture to the
owners about how a solar park functions. By knowing this they can make more informed financial
decisions to minimalize later problems and production losses.

Ask for our offer to maximize the performance of your solar system!

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