Biogas Power Plants

Biogas plants produce biogas (55-60% methane, 35-40% carbon-dioxide, <1% other gases, steam) from organic wastes through anaerobic fermentation which may be utilized for energetic purposes. Biogas has a good efficiency level when used for energy generation: either without cleaning, burnt in block heating plants, in gas engines producing electric- and heating energy or in cleaned form used as bio fuel for vehicles.

Biogas is mainly released through the activity of bacteria, its demolition is a complex, multi-level process carried out through the symbiotic relation of several bacteria strains. The proper conditions of the certain steps is highly important from the point of view of biogas production.
The traditional anaerobic digesters usually operate on mesophilic (35-40°C) or termophilic (50-55°C) temperature levels. Due to the above, a good deal of organic wastes may be disposed of in the biogas plants and, depending on the processed wastes, the fermentation remains at the end of the process may even serve as quality soil supply.

Biogas is mainly produced from the below commodities:
  • animal metabolic products, manure,
  • slaughterhouse wastes,
  • restaurant food remains, slop, bakery remains,
  • fruit procession wastes, cannery wastes,
  • vegetable refuse (grass, sugar sorghum, fodder remains),
  • wastewater sludge.

The advantages of biogas technology pursuant to the above:

  • electric and heating energy production,
  • transformation of organic wastes into excellent quality manure,
  • improvement of hygienic conditions by the reduction of the prevalence of the occurrence causative agents
  • environmental advantages due to the protection of soil, water and air,
  • supplementary income of the farmers through energy and manure production,
  • macroeconomic advantages by ways of decentralized energy generation and environment protection
  • long-term profitable investment.

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