Professional Measurement Services

NRG Services Kft. undertakes the following electric measurement services: measurement of insulation resistance up to 35kV, continuity of conductors, earthing resistance and specific earth resistivity, electric shock protection, lightning protection, illumination and current examination, tracing of electric installations, harmonic analysis.

Ganna Solar Park Technical Acceptance

03 October 2013 Ganna Solar Park final technical takeover was performed.  Now the occupancy authorization process takes place and as a result the green energy produced by the PV modules shall be started to input into the electric grid in a few weeks' time. The produced electric energy covers the annual energy needs of appr. 400-500 households.

Opening Ceremony of Békésszentandrás Hydro Power Plant

The opening ceremony of Békésszentandrás Hydro Power Plant was held on 12 September 2013. The dam of the hydro power plant has been already existing for decades, the new small power plant now was built on the passing by tunnel on the left shore of Hármas-Körös river. The majority of water now flows through this tunnel instead of the dam and drives the 2 turbines which were built inside the establishment. In accordance with the effective regulations much of the power plant was built subsurface. The 2 MW power plant shall produce an average appr. 8,6 GWh electric ebergy annually which is equivalent of the complete electric energy consumption of 3000 households a year.

Our company implemented the electric connection works of the power plant.

499,5 kWp Photovoltaic Park in Veszprém under Construction

We started the implementation of yet another solar park in the second part of August. The 499,5 kWp project which is built in Veszprém, is realized with 50% intensity KEOP grant. The expected completion date of the solar park is November 2013.

Ganna PV Park Works Draw to an End

The implementation works of Ganna PV project are soon to be completed. The 189 million HUF KEOP granted PV park's photovoltaic modules are assembled to the supporting structures. The electric energy production is to be started within weeks following the completion of electric connection.

Information on Availability

Dear Visitors,

We hereby inform You, that due to the rising flood emergency situation our colleagues' availably shall be limited on 6-7 June 2013 and therefore we may be late with responding to Your calls and emails.

Ajkán 4,32 MW napelemes erőmű kivitelezése

Ajkán 4,32 megawattos kapacitással Észak-Dunántúl legnagyobb,napenergiát hasznosító erőműve épül.A kivitelezési munkálatokat az NRG Services Kft végzi.
A teljes park közel 18 ezer panelből áll. 

Zala Megyei Kormányhivatal 27,5 kWp napelemes rendszer

A Zala Megyei Kprmányhivatal éületére Nagykanizsán 100 db 275 kWp teljesítményű napelem panlet telepítettünk, 2 db Fronius Symo inverterrel. 

Farádon a TOP-3.2.1 számú projekt keretén belül napelemes rendszert kapott a polgármesteri hivatal és az óvóda

TOP-3.2.1 számú projektben megvalósítandó farádi polgármesteri hivatalt , valamint az óvódát is " zöldebbé " tettük napelemekkel .

Táp Önkormányzat napelemes rendszere

Táp Községi Önkormányzatra 3 kVA napelemes rendszert telepítettünk, hogy az épület még gazdaságosabban tudjon üzemelni .


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