Official Ceremony of Nagybajcs Municipality New PV System

Mayor's office, kindergarden, community center and changing room buildings of Nagybajcs municipality were equipped with new PV system to ensure the electric energy supply of the facilities.
Out of the 11,9 million HUF overall budget of the project 10,1 million HUF was granted from tender source. The complete implementation and tender coordination of the project were carried out by our company.

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Gearbox exchange in Törökszentmiklós Wind Turbine

The gearbox of the Törökszentmiklós wind turbine is being exchanged this week and as a first step the crane for the movement of tons of weights is built up.

Győrújfalu Mayor's Office and Győrújfalu SE Changing-room New PV System Completed

Last week, the new PV system of Győrújfalu, implemented by our company and from tender source, was officially taken over. The buildings of the mayor's office and the changing-room of the local futball team were equipped with a 14 kWp system.

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Official Opening Ceremony of Veszprém Photovoltaic Plant

The official opening ceremony of the already operating Veszprém PV plant - implemented by our company - was held 17 April 2014. The event garnered great media attention.

Mayor of Veszprém City, Mr. Gyula Porga and Mr. Nándor Csepreghy, Deputy Secretary for Development Programmes both emphasized the important role of the project in the propagation of renewing energy utilization.

Veszprém PV plant is already the second 499 kW power solar plant implemented by NRG Sercvices Kft. in the country, following the similar Ganna PV plant investment.

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Veszprém Expo 2014

Dear Visitors,

You can meet us at Veszprém Expo on 12-13 April 2014.

Further information:

New Industrial Shed under Construction

We started the implementation works of the 10 000 m2 new industrial shed of Märklin Hungária Kft. in Győr, Rozgonyi str. 40.

Veszprém Solar Park Trial Run Started

5 December 2013 Veszprém Solar Park started its production with the trial run period. The final technical takeover is expected to be held at the end of the month.

The solar park is already the second 499 kW power project which was implemented by NRG Services Kft. as head contractor.

Official Opening Ceremony of Ganna Solar Park

After the end-of-october technical acceptance and the start of trial run, the official opening ceremony of Ganna Solar Park was held 21 November 2013 which was attended by numerous professionals.

The proprietor Horváth & Horváth Bt. executed the 378 million HUF cost investment following the successful tendering of 50% intensity grant. The head contractor of the project implementation was  NRG Services Kft.

Ganna Solar Park was officially opened by Dr. Kovács Zoltán, the Administrative Government Commissioner of Veszprém County, who especially pointed out that the project fits into the Green Economy Development Programme of Hungary.

The produced electric energy of the solar park covers the annual electric consumption of approximately 400-500 households.

The report of ECHO TV on the official ceremony is available at the following link:


Ganna Solar Park started its production

30 October 2013 Ganna Solar Park was connected to the grid and this way the 499 kWp power plant started its trial run.


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