Building Electricity

Győr, 67. Ady Endre Str. New Apartment House

Design of the electric implementation of Győr, 67. Ady Endre Str. new apartment house.

Győr, Tibormajori Street New 85.000m2 Industrial Shed

Design of the permitting, implementation and 22kV cabling right licence of the electric system.

Győr DANA II. Industrial Shed

Electric implementation design for the elelctric reconstruction. Expansion of the 22 kV MV equipment, installation of 2,5 MVA 22/0,42 kV transformer with the related 4000 A, 0,4 kV distributor. Relocation of the 800 A power rails and electric supply of the equipments placed on site.

Győr 20.000 m2 Industrial Shed

Complete electric permitting and implementation design.



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